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Online gambling tips and advice

Smart Casino 247 is there to help gamblers make more informed choices about the games they play, and where they play them. A lot of online casinos are very poor value for money, and there is a vast difference between the best and the worst experiences. Worse still, this doesn't often correlate with the results on a search engine or reviews online.







Avoid the pitfalls!

Unfortunately, in this industry there are a few gambling websites that will simply keep your money, whether you win or lose. Over the years we have played online at many casinos who have not paid quickly, or not at all. We've also played at casinos that have ‘gone bust' before we had a chance to access our winnings, taking risks so you don't have to. We offer online gambling tips and advice, so that you can avoid these scams and loopholes, play safely, and have fun. We always have your satisfaction as our top priority. Read more out us here.




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Your guide to online gambling: Things to look out for

  • Does the website have a registered address, a licence, and a link to or other gambling helplines?
  • Does the site have 24 hour customer support? Try sending them a test email with a question.
  • How easy is it to claim your winnings, and how long does it take?
  • Are the website rules in plain English and easy to understand?


Online gambling tips and advice

  • Spend time familiarising yourself with a game first, making only small bets initially.
  • Gamble only with money you can afford to lose. Expect to lose even, but play to give yourself every chance of winning.
  • If you win big, step back. Keep your money or spend it on something worthwhile.
  • If you lose more than your budget, step back. There is always another day.


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